The Challenges of Online Learning for Students With Autism and ADHD During the COVID-19 Emergency

In response to the spread of coronavirus, schools across the nation, are transitioning to online learning for a period of time. This adjustment can be a challenge for some students; particularly those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Online Learning for ADHD and Autism people 

Why students with autism and ADHD have difficulty with online learning? 

If online learning it is difficult for people, imagine how much more difficult it is for people with ADHD. Stay focused and stay on task can be a problem. And it’s also going to be more difficult to organize and plan your day.

In Autism and ADHD everyone has different challenges when it comes to executive function. All people, whether you’re neurotypical or neurodiverse, will have executive function challenges. That’s universal. But people who have ADHD or who have autism tend to have more executive function challenges, to the point where it can really interfere with their productivity, and ability to organize and set goals for themselves.

Tips for professors 

Individuals with autism or with ADHD, have needs that vary greatly. And so really as professionals and as professors, you need to ask them what are the specific things that you can do to be of help, and so make everything easier for your students

-Provide a bulleted list of the important things, and then in the email below or in the information below, provide the details.

Tips for students 

  1. Organize your time.

  1. Regularly enter the Virtual Classroom. It will help you familiarize yourself with the platform faster and understand the contents of the subjects.

  1. Don’t be left with doubts. Teachers, Academic Advisors, and Tutors are trained to resolve any concerns.

  1. Read the directions carefully.

  1. Investigate. Do not just stay with the information provided by the school, so you can learn more about each topic.

  1. Get comfortable. Condition a study place with enough light and good internet connection.

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