The Best Career Choices for Teens With Autism

When Autism Spectrum Disorder is present in a person, they often have great difficulties in social interaction and some motor impairments (depending on the spectrum level in each person). All the factors related to Autism can limit the individual’s professional choices, but they can excel in those that they do manage to study.

Career for teens with autism

Because each individual with autism has different strengths and limitations, it’s very important that you choose a career that is in alignment with your natural interests and skills

Animal-related careers

Many children find great comfort in the company of a furry companion, and the animal often offers the child something to focus on, which allows them to stay calm and function better. 

So possible careers include:

  • Pet groomer.
  • Dog trainer.
  • Veterinary technician.
  • Pet sitter.
  • Livestock caretaker on a farm or even an actual veterinarian.


Some of the most successful and talented software engineers and computer programmers from all around the world have been diagnosed with autism; this career choice requires strengths that include strong mathematics skills, understanding of complex systems, and an appreciation for order.


Those with autism are often very precise thinkers who are capable of paying attention to every small detail while adhering to strict procedures and practices, and this type of personality is critical to the success of many fields related to science. 

Career choices in this field may include:

  • Scientist.
  • Lab technician.
  • Researcher. 
  • Research assistant.

Journalism and Research

Print journalism may be an excellent career goal. Thorough attention to detail may also make several types of research careers a good choice, and these may include statisticians and textbook writers.


For autistic individuals who do best with repetitive movements and an ordered environment. Working on an assembly line tends to involve repetitive motions that may be just the right thing for their needs. They may also enjoy rebuilding everything from cars to computers, sorting at a recycling plant or building special-made items.

Going through college can be the best experience if you choose a career that suits you.

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