Autumn Activities for Children with Autism

The arrival of autumn brings with it a cold and agreeable atmosphere full of colors and fresh air ideal for going out and enjoying the outdoors. There are many activities perfect for children with special needs this season of the year. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of an extraordinary sensory experience!

1. Roll down a hill

Choose a hill and roll downward! This develops large motor coordination, motor planning, and vestibular orientation.

If your child is not interested in rolling, get a square piece of cardboard, and throw yourself with him/her down a grassy hill and the fun begins!

2. Heavy feet

In autumn, gardens are full of dry leaves. Encourage your child to look for leaves, pile them up and jump on them! Sounds and smells stimulate the senses and serve as sensory integration therapy.

3. Heavy work in the garden

Collect leaves from the garden! Take tools like rakes, brooms, and bags and ask your children for collaboration to clean the yard.

Activities such as raking, sweeping, picking up leaves, dragging the branches and placing them in the bag strengthen muscles, activate circulation, and promote good practices in children with autism.

4. Walk

You can not miss a healthy walk through trails. Create the route yourself! You can investigate the trails in the community where you live or nearby areas.

Remember to wear appropriate and comfortable walking shoes, take bottles of water to hydrate, a package with snacks, a mobile device and go on an adventure!

5. Treasure hunt

All kids enjoy the search for treasure. Start the training by developing a list of things to find, such as rocks, red leaves, sticks, and other surprises.

Tell them to tell you where they got them and everything you can think of.

This activity stimulates language, communication and the development of fine motor coordination, as well as encouraging the search for information, research, and organization.

6. Ladder launch

Use the outer ladder to implement a game. Hang the numbers 1 to 5 on each step.Then tell your children to throw balls through the steps. Each time they cross a step, they will accumulate points. This is a great strategy for visual monitoring and progress in visual-motor skills.

7. Carve a face!

October is the month of pumpkins! With great care, you can carve a face or take out the guts in the company of your son or daughter.

It is a sensory activity that stimulates the sense of touch. You can ask for suggestions on where they will place the pumpkins. Ask them to count and separate the seeds. Motivate them with a delicious pumpkin pie at the end of the activity!

8. Camping

Many people think that this activity is exclusive to the summer season, and it is not so! The autumn weather is fantastic for kids with sensory sensitivity. Prepare your tent and sleeping bags, flashlight, hamburgers and choose a nearby and safe camp.

Do not deprive yourself of enjoying one of the best times of the year, the sensations, the joy of sharing with your child, the colors, the smells, and the autumn landscape – an oasis of great sensory activity!

mother and son

The new season is here, check these amazing activities for your children.


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