Check out These Hobbies and Activities to Enjoy With Your Child With Autism

Autism Soccer - Soccer training for kids with special abilitiesAutismCheck out These Hobbies and Activities to Enjoy With Your Child With Autism

One of the biggest challenges for parents of children with autism is finding hobbies to enjoy with their kids. Keeping them active and entertained these days is a little hard since they’re getting more demanding and tend to be bored easily. But don’t worry, there are plenty of activities you can do with your child during your free time.

In this article, we show you some options to enjoy with your kid with ASD and your whole family. Keep reading!

Hobbies and activities for children with autism:

The first thing you need to remember is that children with autism do not spontaneously learn how to organize their free time. What to do during recess, weekends, or holidays can be a mystery to them, so you need to show them some activities they can do, either on their own, with you or with other family members.

Here are some hobbies and activities you can practice with the little ones:

Social and motor games

These are movements performed without the use of any objects. Adults need to take the initiative in this type of activity.

Some examples are tickling and spinning games, but there are many more. These are rewarding for children with autism because they encourage anticipation and improve their motor and interactive skills.

Role-playing games

These activities consist of pretending you are someone or something else, like an animal or an object your kid likes. Mimicry is a great way to stimulate children and get them interested in different things.

These games can be about making movements (like clapping or jumping) and vocal sounds to imitate a character.

Sensory games

Through the use of different materials, you can teach your child about colors, textures, and smells. Let them play with sand, clay, plasticine, waxes, finger paint, watercolors, fabrics, or paper and help them develop their creativity. They will love it!

Cause and effect games

You can present them toys that produce a sound or lights when pressing a button or a game where you have to fit pieces together. 

These kinds of games teach children with autism what to expect after doing certain things and help them build their tolerance to frustration.

Functional play with objects and dolls

Use toy tools, kitchenettes, dolls, action figures, cars, model trains, among other items, to stimulate your children and their imagination.

Of course, you need to adjust all functional games to the condition of your child within the autism spectrum.

Visuospatial games

Doing puzzles and playing with building blocks or legos are the best examples of these types of games. 

When playing with your child, you can help them find the missing pieces, fit the legos, and give them ideas to create different things. If they struggle a little, try to reinforce them.

Musical activities

Listening to music can help you bond with your kids. For example, you can play a song and then:


  • Dance, jump and move around the house to the rhythm of the music. You can either hold your children’s hands and guide their movements or let them dance freely.
  • Sing along and make gestures according to the lyrics.
  • Lie down next to your child while listening to it.

These hobbies and activities are perfect for spending time with your child with autism.

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