About our organization

More than 5 years working with the community


Our Goal

To teach children soccer skills in a supportive environment, develop a life-long love of exercise, and to have FUN! Through Autism Soccer (AS), children learn that with training, confidence and love anything is possible.

Meet the Team

Each member of our team specializes in their field. Together we make sure your children enjoy one of the best sports in the world while having fun, promoting social skills, teamwork and boosting their confidence.

Oscar Amuz

Coach – Founde

President Founder since 2012 – Recreational Aid Miami Lake Town since 2012 – Founded Royal Miami Lakes Soccer Club in 1999

Morris Pagniello

Honorary President Ex pro footballer, his main objective is to continue giving youth players opportunities to become professional soccer players while providing them with a clear path to reach that goal.

Rubén Alcoba

Vice President

Jorge Banos P.A.

Autism Soccer

Banos, Garcia, & Associates P.A.
8220 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33155
Phone: (305 )856-6626
Fax: (305) 856-6628
Email: info@bgpatax.com

Sinuê Zardo


I started football in 1981 at the football school of Sport Club Internacional de Porto Alegre, at the Eucalyptus Stadium.

Marcelo Perea

Member of the Board of Directors & Institutional Relations Developer

Miriam Anaya


Autism Soccer
Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management

Diana Diaz


Aidnes Sanchez


Tony Baldo

Marketing Adviser

Laura Monsalve

Graphic Designer

It’s time to make the difference…

You can change the life of many children with a donation of only $25 and up. There are many families in need of your critical support, give them the gift is soccer sports for their child!

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Oscar Amuz
Founder - CEO, Autism Soccer

“ I might not be able to change the world but I will like to changemy community, do you like to help me”  Founder  OSCAR AMUZ

Major Angel Sponsor