Month: January 2020

Cooperative Behaviors in Children and Teens With Autism

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Learning how to cooperate with others is an essential skill in life, but teaching this to children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be challenging. Cooperation involves skills like sharing, taking turns, and following instructions. Kids need all these to communicate correctly and get along with others in social situations. That is why ….  Read More

Walk 2020

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Register now – Autism Soccer walk 2020 – Sept 19 Autism Soccer Walk Register. Recruit. Results Event details Join us Saturday 19th , 2020 to celebrate Autism Soccer Awareness.   We invite everyone to come as we take this excellent opportunity to promote sports inclusion and autism awareness.   Thank you ALL for your support and ….  Read More

Children With Autism: Habits for a Good Sleep

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Children within the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are more vulnerable to sleep disturbances. According to research, 44 to 83% of people with autism have sleep-related problems. These disorders adversely affect the behavior and emotional well-being of the child and the family by increasing the frequency of temper tantrums, irritability, and stress. That is why it ….  Read More

Teens With Autism: The Transition to Adulthood

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Becoming an adult is a big step for teens with autism or special needs, so their transition to adulthood needs careful planning. If your children present additional needs, helping them through their development is essential. Early planning will give you plenty of time to work on the skills they need to reach their goals for ….  Read More