Month: November 2019

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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Your Child with Autism

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Thanksgiving Day lets us know the Christmas season is near and along with it, many new experiences for your child. Each special date may bring us joy and some moments of concern for our family. But there’s no need to worry. The key is choosing carefully the activities in which they will participate. Here are ….  Read More

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Teens with Autism: How Can They Notice When Someone Is Being Nice?

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Teens with autism can’t always know whether people are being nice, mean or if they are trying to bully them. This is why they must receive the necessary guidance to avoid unpleasant situations with those they meet. In addition to this, they should also be taught how to recognize when someone is being friendly, and ….  Read More

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Tips for Grandparents of a Child Within the Spectrum

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The arrival of a child with autism at home involves many changes that affect all members of the family. This includes, of course, grandparents, who may find it difficult to interact with them. If you have grandchildren with autism, you might be interested in our advice on how to understand and relate better to them. ….  Read More

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How to Strengthen the Relationship between a Child Within the Spectrum and His/Her Siblings?

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Having a child with ASD causes a great impact on the family and, at the same time, becomes a challenge for the child’s parents and even siblings. This condition affects a child in his/her way of conceiving the world which is different from others, to the parents who assume the additional commitment of raising a ….  Read More

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Genetic Aspects of the Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Scientists have always thought that genetic aspects play an essential role in autism, but some agree that most diagnoses have an environmental origin. Recent research by specialists in the field of ASD predicts that genetics can be the cause of up to 90% of cases, and environmental problems also intervene, but to a lesser extent. ….  Read More