Month: October 2019

Halloween for Children with Autism

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Halloween scares many children. The themes attract their fear as there are terrifying decorations, costumes, scary movies, and not to mention an increase in the price of sweets. The most complicated of all is to create the conditions so that this day does not affect our son/daughter with autism, and he/she can understand it in ….  Read More

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How Is Family Life Affected by a Kid with Autism?

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Receiving the news that their son/daughter suffers ASD causes a great impact and shock not only to the parents but also to the rest of the family members. This first stage causes anxiety and tension due to its multiple repercussions on family life and the social environment. Having a child with autism entails a series ….  Read More

Things That a Kid with Autism Wants to Tell You

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Autism spectrum disorder is not considered a psychosis, but rather a generalized developmental disorder. Kids with autism present some difficulties that make life in society a little more complex. Deficiencies associated with the disorder generally include: language and communication difficulties, problems interacting socially, and lack of empathy. They feel more comfortable when they are part ….  Read More

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Meet the Children with Autism Who Are Excelling

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The world is inhabited by exceptional people, geniuses who stand out for their abilities and who have earned our admiration for making a difference. Within the autistic spectrum, there are kids with unique conditions and qualities who never cease to surprise us. Meet the children with autism who are excelling and are true examples of ….  Read More


Good Practices for Autism

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Today, several companies are responsible for providing better service to people with autism, adapting the conditions to create an environment conducive to the tranquility and well-being of children and adults with special needs. These good practices have extended to various areas of society. In addition, these companies train their employees to face the challenge of ….  Read More