Month: September 2019

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Tips for Parents: How to Help Your Teen with Autism Approach Dating and Intimacy?

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Talking with your teenage children with autism about dating and intimacy may be difficult for you. Hence, we have prepared this post with some advice for parents to help their young people with autism understand the complicated atmosphere of dating, romantic feelings, and intimacy as a couple. All teenagers are different, but most teens with ….  Read More

How Important Is Social Skills Therapy in Autism?

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The main difficulty faced by people with autism is social interaction. This problem can occur at different levels, some in a severe state, such as those who do not express themselves through speech, or in a mild way. However, even in mild cases, social communication can be limited and have an unfavorable impact on relationships ….  Read More

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Teens with Autism | How to Explain Physical and Emotional Changes?

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Sex education is fundamental for teenagers; let them know that they are about to undergo physical and emotional changes and to be fully aware of that world at the right age. It is important to have good communication with them to nurture them of everything they need to know in this process that they will ….  Read More

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LGBT and Autism | How is it Like to Be Part of Both Communities

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Expressing a sexual inclination, different orientation, or identifying yourself as a person with autism and LGBT at the same time can be difficult for anyone. Although progress in recent years regarding the rights of the LGBT community is evident, members still suffer discrimination, stigma, and political challenges. The challenge increases when it comes to people ….  Read More

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Tips for Parents: How to Approach the Sexual Topic?

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The arrival of adolescence and the development of the body bring with them a series of normal sexual feelings in all young people, but in adolescents with autism, this stage is somewhat difficult. In this article, we give you some tips to address sexuality and relationships. Most people within the spectrum experience sensations, feelings, needs, ….  Read More

Teens with Autism | How to Balance the ASD with Adolescence?

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Puberty is an important stage of transition characterized by many changes and alterations in the organism with psychological and emotional impact. It is a stage in which people experience intense transformations in their body and mind. Teenagers begin to worry about what they are, and what others think, in addition to beginning to understand what ….  Read More