Month: August 2018

How to Educate a Neurotypical Sibling?

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No one prepared the parents of children with autism, nobody noticed or warned that the arrival of a child with ASD could be possible. So the education to raise our child with autism and our neurotypical child at the same time has been learned, after overcoming frustrations, book readings, training, patience, and a lot of ….  Read More

Back to School: How to Help Your Child with Their New School Year

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The school is an environment that encourages and helps the development and social adaptability of our children, but it can turn out to be a tense environment, with excess stimuli and provoking disruptive behaviors if we don’t pay attention to specific details. Parents of children with autism need to take into account general issues when ….  Read More

The Real Parental Responsibility When It Comes to Schooling

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Many parents assume that teaching is a responsibility that belongs solely to schools, so teachers are perceived as the only ones with a say in the matter of education. But this is not the case: the people responsible for what children learn are first and foremost the parents or caretakers since they are the ones ….  Read More

Teach Your Child to Play

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The game is one of the forms that the human being has of self-expression and self-exploration. Fundamental in the structuring of children’s thinking, the construction of language, and the objective representation of reality. The game contributes to the development by providing the child with a sense of mastery over their own body and the environment. ….  Read More

Feeling of Failure in Autism

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The environment, in general, can be very hostile towards people within the autism spectrum disorder; either by sensory saturation, by incomprehension of what’s happening, by zero empathy on the part of others towards him or her. We’re talking about an environment that makes it difficult daily, and as a result, we see that those pleasant ….  Read More

The Correct Behavior that Parents of Children With Autism Should Have

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The children modify their parents’ behavior, and not the other way around, as is usually thought. Yes, as you read. It often happens that parents are the only ones subjected to behavior modification processes, which are provided by children, whether they have autism or not. In this article, we explain everything about it. Keep on ….  Read More